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We, Sovino, want to deliver wine in its purest form, a project of passion and know-how. Our team travels the world and finds honest vineyards with winemakers that create their wines with love for their grapes and the piece of eath they grow on.

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Sovino chooses young small vineyards as well as older ones that have been in families for generations. We know every vineyard, its grapes and the history that stands behind it. We share the passion for wine that tell a story of their passion for wine that tell a story of their region with our producers and we believe you will too. Many of our wines received the certificate of biological production. All our producers respect the land they work on and its surrounding nature. As ancient varieties of grapes flourish again, we value these productions and choose them for our clients. We want to make sure you get the wine as it's meant to be. That's why Sovino not only brings the wine to you but shares the knowledge on how to pair it, pour it and present it.


Discover the world's findest wines and deliver them with the best know-how and service. We are committed and dedicated to a long-term relationship with our clients to build a brand of passion for wine and share it with the world. For the love of wine, we can't wait to share what is meant for the world to enjoy!